Solar Food Dehydrator

When you hear solar food dehydrator, you might think in terms of solar power. That is not too far off, but it’s not the sun that’s giving electricity to a machine. Instead, the sun is the machine in this circumstance. Just like ancient humans did and many modern cultures still do, you can now dry your food in the sun to take advantage of the great flavors and excellent food preservation that comes with it. However, you don’t have to just lay your food out in the sun in order to get it to dry. You can take advantage of the great power of new technologies in terms of tools and design to make the process more efficient and easier.

These days people have realized the important of their diet in their lives. In an effort to become more self-sufficient as well as have a better diet, people have begun to do as much as possible at home. With these types of products you can join in on this by constructing your own dehydrator with just a few simple tools. These products are essentially a closed box that has trays underneath a magnifying piece of glass that will help to dry out your food faster and more safely than if you had just set it out in the sun. These boxes will protect your food from pests and generate a warm environment that will encourage desiccation.

You’ll have to plan your drying in advance to match with the sun. Additionally, if you plan to dry meats, you’ll have to ensure that the temperature in your box is hot enough at all times to prevent any possible bacterial growth. This can limit your options, however, you will be using something made by your own hands and that uses no electricity as well.