Food Dehydrator Recipes

A food dehydrator is a massive convenience that makes eating and cooking at home much more exciting and much more cost efficient. These products will let you preserve many of the tastes of the season for many months afterwards and are just simply delicious to eat in the first place. They come in many different sizes and at a variety of costs, some very cheap, so you have no excuse to not dive right in and get to work enjoying the many flavors that can be had when you use these products.

What many people want to know is what to make in these machines. Sure, you can simply dry stuff, but what else is there? And how do you make what you dry taste great? Here are a couple food dehydrator recipes and ideas to get you started on making the most of your machine.

For most, drying food is probably one of the most exciting parts of using these machines. Dried fruit is often very expensive in stores and many times the fruit you like isn’t available. Furthermore, products that are sold can often be covered in preservatives, making them taste different and making them unhealthy. Making these products in your own home is one of the best ways to use your dehydrator and is the easiest. Perhaps the best use of these dried fruits is use in trail mixes that often go for many dollars a pound at stores. For this, simply dry your fruit with a little bit of sugar sprinkled on top. Next, make granola by melting sugar and butter and mixing this with oats and other nuts. Then just dry this and add it to the mixed fruits. You’ll have an especially nutritious treat that will help you get through the day in a really healthy way.

One of the cooler things you can do with these products is to make fruit roll-ups. To do this, you’ll you need extra equipment, usually a rubber non-stick sheet. For these, all you’ll have to do is puree fruit with your favorite spices and flavorings, then just layer it on the non-stick sheet. Stick these in your dehydrator for a little while and once they cool, you’ll have an efficient source of energy that is very delicious. It is a great alternative to the sugar ridden products you can get in stores, helping to make you or your children much healthier everyday.